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Chechnya & Russian Caucasus

For most people, the Chechen Republic is a remarkably unknown place. While infamous for its turbulent past, little is known about the region's recent developments that define this part of the Northern Caucasus. Large Russian investments have improved infrastructure and urban development considerably in recent years. Those who make the journey to Grozny will find a capital reborn, where signs of the war are few and shiny new residences and shopping malls give away little about the struggling local economy, dependance on federal funding and fragile peace. Chechnya still has a way to go when it comes to inviting tourism in serious numbers, but it surely is getting ready for it. Chechnya borders Dagestan to the north and east, Georgia (country) to the south, Ingushetia to the west and Stavropol Krai to the northwest.

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All photos © Eddie Gerald 2019

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