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Nomination | International Emmy Awards for filming 'Last Stop before Kyiv" | USA


Group exhibition | Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur | MALASYIA

Curator | "Excerpts", Rothschild Center, Tel Aviv | ISRAEL

Outdoor exhibition | "A Jewish State", NG Russia | MOSCOW


Group exhibition | "Between War and Peace", Kharkov | UKRAINE


Group exhibition | "The Last Barricade", Kiev | UKRAINE


Group exhibition | "Between War and Peace", Jaffa Art Salon | ISRAEL

Projection | "A Jewish State", MIFA Photo Award | MOSCOW


Jury member | "Tomorrow's Enviroment"  Habima Theatre | ISRAEL


Projection | "A Jewish State", Angkor International Photo Ferstival | CAMBODIA


Group exhibition | "Fight against ISIS", Kolga Awards, Tbilisi | GEORGIA


Group exhibition | "A Jewish State", Kolga Awards, Tbilisi | GEORGIA


Jury member | National Geographic Photography contest | ISRAEL

Group exhibition | "Excerpts", Dundinov Gallery, Rehovot | ISRAEL


Facilitator | National Geographic Photography workshop | ISRAEL


Jury member | "A Picture of nature", Eretz Israel Museum | ISRAEL


Curator | "Conflict", Chita Gallery, Tel Aviv  | ISRAEL


Group exhibition | "Think You're Smart?", Art event, Tel Aviv | ISRAEL


Group exhibition | "Footnotes", MusraraMix international Art festival, Jerusalem | ISRAEL


Solo exhibition | "Jordan River", European Parliament, Brussels | BELGIUM


Facilitator | "Frames of Reality", Israeli & Palestinian Documentary workshop | ISRAEL


Jury member | "Local Testimony", 2012 Photojournalism contest | ISRAEL


Curator | "The Faces of Social justice", International Photography Festival - Jaffa | ISRAEL

Finalist | "A Jewish State". Leica Oskar Barnack Award


LOBAward Fotofestival "Recontres d'Arles" | FRANCE


Solo exhibition | "Jordan River", Gallery Kontrast, Stockholm | SWEDEN


Solo exhibition | "Jordan River", St Michael's church, Cologne | GERMANY


Group exhibition | "Protest", Hatahana Gallery | ISRAEL


Jury member | "Local Testimony", 2011 Photojournalism contest  | ISRAEL


Group exhibition | "Bread & Roses". Minshar Gallery. Tel Aviv. ISRAEL


Group Exhibition | "Secret Postcard". Fresh Paint - Contemporary Art Fair. Tel Aviv. ISRAEL


Honorable Mention | "Bureaucracy" - International 4th Photography Masters Cup


Group Exhibition | "A Decade" - Docu-Club. Tel Aviv. Curator Alex Levac


Group exhibition | "Freedom". Chobi Mela V. International Photo festival. BANGLADESH


Solo exhibition | "Cast Lead". Kadakes - Sderot. ISRAEL


Honourable mention | "Low Atmospheric Pressure" - PX3 International Photo contest. FRANCE


Solo exhibition | "Delivering Hope" University of Wilfrid Laurier Waterloo. Ontario. CANADA


Group exhibition | "Local Testimony" - Tel Hai Museum of photography, ISRAEL


Group exhibition | "Maror - Bitter" - Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem, ISRAEL


Nominee | "Cyclone Nargis Aftermath" -International 3rd Photography Masters Cup.


Work selected for PLACE, PHOTOGRAPHY curators book, Limbus gallery. ISRAEL


Group exhibition | "Terrorismo Grafico" UP University de Palermo. ARGENTINA


Curator |"Courage to Care" International Genocide conference. Tel Aviv University. ISRAEL


Prize winner  | "Local Testimony" - Eretz Israel Museum, TEL AVIV


Group exhibition | "550 Memories" - Romanian Cultural Institute, TEL AVIV

Selected for "Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Award". SPAIN.


Solo exhibition | "Coordinating Chaos" -Trudeau Centre. University of Toronto, CANADA


Solo exhibition | "Heart of Darkness". McGill University Montreal, CANADA


Group exhibition | "Hebron - The First 40 years". Minshar Gallery. Tel Aviv. ISRAEL




Group exhibition | The Centre for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado. USA


Solo exhibition | "Heart of Darkness" University of British Columbia. Vancouver. CANADA


1st Place |  "Cave Dwellers" -  PX3 International Photo contest. FRANCE


2nd Place |  "Medicine Under Siege" -  PX3 International Photo contest. FRANCE


Finalist & Group exhibition | UN WHO "Health & Wealth"  International Photo contest. ESTONIA


Group exhibition |  "Birma in Beeld", Mokum Gallery. Amsterdam. HOLLAND


Honourable mention |  "The conflict in Congo", Pilsner Urquell, International Photo Award


Group exhibition |  "World Food Crisis", Nuru Project.DCTV center. NY. USA


Group exhibition "Hebron - The First 40 years" | XeXe Gallery. Toronto. CANADA


Prize winner. "Invisible Women" |  "Local Testimony" Photojournalism contest. ISRAEL

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