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Eddie Gerald graduated from Hadassah college of Photography and Sam Spiegel Film school in Jerusalem.

Photography assignments have taken him to over one hundred countries focusing in editorial and large scale storytelling projects for corporate clients, NGOs and international organizations. His work has been exhibited and received numerous awards and citations and is featured in a stream of multi-language publications. in 2023 Gerald was nominated for the International Emmy Award for his part in filming the war in Ukraine for the Israeli investigative and current affairs television program 'UVDA'


Eddie is involved in facilitating documentary seminars and portfolio reviews and has been three times jury member for Israel's premier photojournalism contest "Local Testimony" which is exhibited annually at the Eretz Israel Museum alongside the World Press international exhibition. Gerald also delivers photojournalism and documentary lectures at the Communication department of Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem and is currently the photo editor of the Israeli edition of National Geographic magazine.


When not out on documentary assignments he writes travel articles for diverse media outlets. His video footage is submitted exclusively to Gettyimages.

"Eddie Gerald often documents a location after the riot of an occurrence that took place, died down; after news reporters, covering the event, have left the scene. He does not always take part in the peak moments, but gathers the pieces of the events after everyone is gone. Then quietly, after all the upheaval, he remains alone to examine, to pick up the broken pieces and to visualize what had happened."  Ora Krauss, Curator

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